I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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A Tribute To Donkey Kong Country...

... is the name of an ambitious and very impressive single fan effort to capture the magic of the original Super Nintendo Donkey Kong Country trilogy and bring it into the HD modern era. "But Shiryu, what about Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze?" I hear you ask. Ah, yes I am a big fan of Retro's effort, but why not take a look at the trailer for this project?

Impressive stuff! You can download the newly released part one of the tribute right now from the authors website. Hopefully instead of Nintendo's lawyers send a cease & desist court order, they might consider setting him up with a job application, because:

13,000+ lines of code, 1,000+ game assets including 20+ Characters with 120+ animations, 200+ 3D objects, 400+ textures, 30+ particles effects, 12 levels, by 1 person, and I spent an unknown amount of hours on my computer...


I am no stranger to insane one-man tribute projects ( see you on Friday!) but damn, kudos Igor F., that's some shiryus dedication.

*OMAKE* Jungle Hijinx!

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