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Earlier this year, various news outlets came out and said that the Nintendo Switch would receive two revisions in 2019. A smaller, more handheld version was all but guaranteed, and in July 2019 Nintendo confirmed the Switch Lite’s existence and September 2019 release. The other revision was referred to by most everyone as the Switch Pro(Personally I liked Super Nintendo Switch). The issue with that rumor was that a lot of outlets would issue conflicting statements. Some said it was coming in 2019, others said it wouldn’t arrive until 2020 at the earliest. Some said it was barely more than some hardware changes while others insisted it was comparable to a next generation device. Last month Nintendo quietly acknowledge the existence of a new Switch model. No fanfare, just a quick acknowledgement, some spec comparisons to the original model, and that was it. Could this really be the Pro we’d heard about all this time? Some leakers stated that yes, this was yet. A slightly better screen and a new SoC that’s 40% more efficient thus increasing battery life and reducing heat output, but otherwise it remains largely the same as the model it replaces. The only other notable change is that the Joy-Cons were also updated with new internals, potentially eliminating the persistent Joy-Con drift issue.

So with this new model existing and confirming the rumors referring to a mere hardware revision rather than a Super Switch, why do I seem so confident that we haven’t actually seen the real Switch Pro? Well that’s thanks to something industrious sleuths found on the hardware itself.


From top to bottom you have: Nintendo Switch(2017), Nintendo Switch(2019), and Nintendo Switch Lite. Each one of them is marked with a codename. Again, in order from top to bottom: ODIN, MODIN, and VALI. For those still confused, the first and last names are taken directly from Norse mythology. Odin was the King of Asgard, Vali was one of his four sons. MODIN is the outlier, but its name is easy enough to explain: Modified Odin. Unlike the Switch Lite which was given an entirely new name, the Switch V2 was not, alluding to the fact that in all honesty it is not significantly different from the ODIN model.

Here we can see Nintendo’s naming scheme and one they will likely continue to use going forward. Each completely new model of Nintendo Switch will bare the name of one of Odin’s sons. As Vali has already been used, that leaves Baldur, Vidar, and ultimately Thor.

It is my personal belief that perhaps the rumors that referred to a next generation Switch were in fact not false, and that the ones receiving and leaking this information were being confused by the Switch V2's existence. This would explain why the rumors so often conflicted and no one could figure out exactly what the Pro was supposed to be, because the rumors were actually referring to two devices under the “Pro” moniker. In 2020 it will have been three years since the launch of the Nintendo Switch. The system continues to enjoy strong hardware and software sales despite its technological disadvantage. The question really is how long can that last with the next generation of home consoles on the horizon? At some point the Switch’s hardware just will not be good enough to run even basic ports of games as technology advances and the next generation begins in 2020. In order for the Switch to last at least 7 to 10 years, releasing a completely overhauled model every three to four years does make sense as it allows them to keep pace and keep third party’s happy enough while also extending the lifespan of the Nintendo Switch. It is my theory that each of these life-extending models will bare the name of one of Odin’s other sons, likely starting with either Vidar or Baldur and ending with Thor, Odin’s most powerful and legendary offspring. It seems unlikely that Nintendo would begin this naming scheme and not intend to utilize it to its fullest.


This is, of course, my own personal speculation, but at least to me it seems highly likely. Now, having said all of that, I feel like given the conflicting nature of the rumors, Nintendo should have gotten cheeky and named the Switch V2 “LOKI”, the trickster, instead of the plain “MODIN.” It also would have fit not only the naming scheme but also the V2's place in the Switch family. Loki IS technically a son of Odin, but an adopted one. Therefore, unlike the true sons of Odin(The next generation Switch models), Loki is a false son(The modified OG Switch).

Note: I have not done complete research on Loki’s relation to the Norse gods. Therefore I’m basing his inclusion on the interpretation that he is an adopted son of Odin which I’m not 100% sure is accurate.

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