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A TUTurial For TUT- On the Mysteries of Scheduling a Post

I'm assuming if you're making a real post you will go to the real TUTorial. This is just for fun.


So after you make your post and have it finished, tags and all, go to the right side of the screen. Where it says Publish: Now, hit the arrow beside it. You should see options. Click on the scheduled option. Scheduled should now be the word after Publish, and a long white box appears underneath. What I do is only delete the parts I need to change. So say the date is correct: Leave it alone and don't touch it! If the hour is right: Leave it alone and don't touch it! If the hour is wrong, delete only that and enter in the correct hour. Same with day or minute. I find when I delete it all, Kinja screws it up. When it appears to be scheduled right, hit the save button under the actual post. Once it saves, check in Private View that your post is scheduled correctly. It should appear at the top of the Private View if you have succeeded.

Note: If I save a draft (which usually messes everything up anyway), and then change it to scheduled, it will fail almost always. So I publish and then schedule with the edit option. (Hopefully no one sees it or comments in that time.)

If all that fails, well, it is a TUTFail and we've come to accept and embrace it.

(And make a special tag for it.)

(Look I put a kitteh in for you!)

(And I scheduled this post. It is possible. I believe in you TUT!!!!)

Now teach me how to take screenshots of my computer and we'll be even. E1Salvador was very kind and tried to help me, but I failed.

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