Goodday Tay, If you've been looking for me than chances are you've been missing me for about two weeks. I've been busy with fun personal stuff that alas kept me from posting. I just wanted to let you know that I'm working on a short series on Metroid. And maybe we can work together on some Metroid stuff?

The cause being when Miyamoto asked (was it Totillo?) about which games we'd like to see. Kotaku responded resoundingly with a new Metroid. So I figured, let's help Nintendo out with some suggestions regarding Metroid. In order to continue there are a couple of factors which I'd like to discuss with everyone.

1. Story (where to go from here and what holes need to be filled)

2. Gameplay for 3D (Prime 1 and Prime 3 had very distinct differences)

3. Gameplay for 2D(Go the Other M route, stick with Super Metroid stylings or continue from Fusion in a gameplay wise).

4. Universe building. (extended from story but on a more global scale.

Besides that, I'll be opening the dreaded can of worms on Other M, so please wait on commenting your Other M frustrations untill I give the Go (this will help the topic for this article stay on the Wiim Metroid Series).

To start this all off, let's begin with a fun (and very safe) question. What's your favourite Metroid Moment? Or/and What constitutes a Metroid game to you? Sound off in those comments :D