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I'm really feeling it!
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AC:NL Error Code 018-0512

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This is a public service announcement to all TAY users playing AC:NL and fellow AC:NL Mayors about a connection error that is afflicting some users. The error prevents people from connecting to other people's town and vice versa.


You may be wondering why no one is visiting your town even when your gate is open. Well, this error could very well be that reason. Thankfully, there is already a solution which should resolve the issue. Its actually really easy to follow.

AC:NL Wifi Setup for error code 018-0512

Afterwards, you need to create a DMZ on your router which should be even easier if you know how to access your router's settings. All you have to do is click enable and enter the IP address established in the prior steps.


Hopefully anyone coming across this problem can rest assured knowing that they can finally get the exotic fruit their town so desires.

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