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The other day I finished Katamari Damacy and while I loved it, there was no denying it was absolutely weird. The whole point was just picking up as many objects as possible to make a ball of a certain size in a certain time to match a set goal. It was simple and surprisingly challenging, but no denying that when you take a step back, the game is insanely bizarre. And that got me to thinking.

While gaming in of itself is definitely surreal, after all you have games about hedgehogs with sneakers fighting robots, catching weird-looking animals and fighting with them, and the whole impossible physics of the Buster Sword, there are definitely some games that when you play them you start to wonder about the sobriety, and sanity, of the development team.


Katamari is definitely in this category with its pompadour sporting punks, giant sea turtles and the King of All Cosmos who speaks in record scratches.

Another game that fits into this category is the Genesis classic Toejam and Earl. The game is about two hip-hopping (circa early 90s, channeling the Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jazz) stranded on Earth after their ship broke. But their definition of Earth is definitely not the same one I know. Peninsulas grow when stepped on, and some of the enemies include mesmerizing hula girls and sadistic doctors with injections. And you break out into a cold sweat when you hear the bell of an ice cream truck, knowing it's already too late to get away.


On the rival console was another classic: Earthworm Jim. The earthworm in a special human suit who went through toxic waste dumps and human intestines trying to save a princess who he can't even remember the name of. All the while the loading levels had talking cows. This would not be a game you'd want to play while high and paranoid.


So what are your favorite WTF?! games and what do you think makes them earn the title?

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