I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Well once again that time of year has come where the games industry tries to prove the importance and standing of video games by appropriating a facet of other mediums, this time with The Game Awards!

Seriously though, I genuinely love watching The Game Awards, the spiritual successor to Spike’s Video Game Awards but with less Dew, Doritos, and Axe Body Spray. Usually these awards shows are a time to suffer through unbearable celebrities or teabaggings for a handful of new game announcements, but ever since Geoff Keighly has dropped Spike (or more likely the inverse), The Game Awards have been actually halfway decent.


So, like last year, I’ll be hosting a hangout session via Discord where we can all hang and suffer talk about the show together. According to the Doritos Pope himself, there will be 10 World Premiers including Far Cry Primal and 10 Awards given out on-stage. deadmau5 and CHVRCHES will be performing as well.

As to where exactly to watch, their site lists all the different streaming options so feel free to pick your favorite. I’ll drop a reminder blip as we get closer, but I hope to see you in the chat!

Here’s a promo trailer for the show:

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