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Addressing Fallacious Stereotypes About Gamers

News about e-sports has hit the mainstream media in lieu of new doping rules, and every halfwit with a pulse and a keyboard has felt the inclination to lob the typical drivel about gamers into public fora.

So, with further delay, here are some of the common assumptions. Feel free to speak in the comments regarding your experiences (or lack thereof) with these silly ideations.


1. “Gamers are couch potatoes.”

Now, I know a lot of gamers, even on TAY, who are very physically fit. I’m not one of them. But even me, I love camping and hiking. I’m one hell of an outdoorsman, and I love getting out when I have the energy. I also work 40-60 hour a week. Honestly, I’m not sure I’ve met a gamer who’s a lazy piece of shit; but I’ve met a handful of lazy fucks who loves them some NASCAR (a “motor sport”).

2. “Gamers must smoke a lot of pot, how will they pass doping?”

I’m pretty staunchly anti-marijuana. Really! I support de-criminalization; I don’t think a life should be ruined over a plant that makes you lazy and stupid. But it does make you lazy and stupid. I see legitimate uses for medicinal weed, and I think it’s great that it helps people. But as a leisure substance? Yeah, I think it’s pretty fucking stupid. But I also see alcohol the same way - I have zero desire to get trashed. Costs money, makes you lazy and stupid. Don’t see any reason to ever use or abuse it.


3. “Gamers live in mommy’s basement.”

I made $50k last year, and this is my first real job out of school. I live in greater Toronto, some of the most expensive real estate in North America, so I actually do rent a basement in the suburbs... But I left home when I was 18, and I’ve been supporting myself since. Hell, if I can leverage a raise and if I get another nice tax return, I’m going to seriously look at buying a townhouse or condo in the low 200’s. I’m definitely not leaching off mommy at age 25.


4. “You must have a lot of time on your hands if you play video games.”

Do I? I work a lot of overtime, man. But on the free time I do get, I prefer to spend it neither at the gym, nor getting sloshed. I guess your binge watching of House of Cards is somehow more productive than my playthrough of Ass Creed 4? Kay.


5. “Gaming doesn’t require discipline or fitness, so it’s not a sport.”

Really? Have you ever met a pro gamer? Physical fitness makes yer brain werk gooder. Most of them, if not physically fit, do get exercise to keep their minds sharp and their fingers responsive.


Anyway. I look forward to hearing your responses. And seriously Gawker, how do you manage to break Kinja with every other update?

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