I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Admin Induction: The Best of Late Night

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Hello TAY folk. It is I, your grand and illustrious ruler. Here to announce the newest inductees into the Hall of Admins.


I always feel bad when I joke about "ruling" the TAY, but it's still fun to type! With out further adieu I would like to introduce you to the newest admins:



These two have been helping out a lot lately, especially after hours and Dyram expressed to me that they needed a bit more power. So here you go! Now you can edit peoples articles, block terrible trolls, and grant author status.


But seriously. I'd like to thank all the admins - Odin, Dyram, TuT, and Zarns. They do a great job watching the TAY and making it a warm and fun place for every kind of gamer and Sharknado enthusiast. On that note I'd also like to thank regular contributors. Sometimes you get a lot of attention and some times you get none but you're always around making things better. Believe me, we notice.

I have a few people in mind for the next round of Admins, but you'll just have to wait until that time comes... heh heh heh.


Congrats Kluge and Morie!

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