Hello loyal TAY folk. GBD here with a public service announcement for you fine people.

As you may or may not know, Steve Bowling and I recently created a review system that anyone on the TAY could use to review what ever they darn well pleased. I'm very happy with how it's turned out and after "Reviewmageddon Monday" things have slowed down to a nice steady pace.

That being said, people are obviously still doing their own things out there on the TAY. Which is totally fine. I wouldn't want it any other way. The only issue we seem to be running into is dealing with review copies. Is it swell to get review copies? Of course it is. As I mentioned in the official TAY Review reveal Steve and I are contacting various game companies and attempting to get review copies. Not just of games we want to play, but of any and every game we can. Surely someone on the TAY would want it, right? We've had a little bit of luck (mostly with Nintendo), but it's still slim pickings all around. Marsh Naylor has also made some fantastic contacts of his own, adding to our growing list.


The problem is that we've already contacted quite a few developers and it seems other people from the TAY are starting to do just that. Now, contacting a developer and saying you represent the TAY is completely fine, UNLESS we've already done it. Then it just kinda of makes us look unprofessional. And we ARE pretty unprofessional in many aspects, though that's kinda the nice part of the TAY. GIF Parties and the like. But when it comes to convincing gaming companies that we are worth their time it kinda looks bad if three different people are contacting one developer saying they represent us. Then that company is confused as to who really represents us, why we didn't know the other people contacted them and may also think that we're trying to swindle them out of multiple review copies.

So. From now on, if you're planning on contacting a gaming company because you're hoping for a review title please let me, Steve or Marsh know. This way we can say, "Oh fantastic! We haven't tried them yet. Go for it!" or "We've already established contact and we'll let you know about a copy of the game you want." We can also contact companies you want to get in touch with for you if you feel like you don't have the wherewithal to do so. We would be glad to help.


Here are the companies we already have contact with:





Square ENIX

NIS America



Cartoon Network


So assuming you're a TAY regular, you've posted some decent reviews in the past, and you've added your name to the official list, you should be good to go. Remember! You can't sign up for games that have not been assigned official release dates. We also can't promise any early copies of games. We get what we get! If you are indeed given a review copy you MUST follow the strict embargo that accompanies it, or we won't let you have any more (assuming the company still sends us games).


Hopefully no one is irked about this. We're just trying to cause less confusion and get those highly sought after review copies in your hands. Keep up the wonderful reviews!

- GBD out