I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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I, PyramidHeadcrab, hereby solemnly swear an oath. Due to my massive backlog of them vidya games that I've amassed over years of being gainfully employed, I will not buy another video game until I've cleared at least 50% of my backlog. The majority of my collection has been attained starting my current job (asking for a raise soon, woop woop), and suffice it to say, without the financial barriers that prevented things from getting out of control in years past, it's kind of gotten out of control. So, I've made a firm decision to fix it.

Like many of you reading this, I found that I was actually spending more time shopping for games than I was actually playing them. According to my 3DS app log for 2014, I spent more time on the eShop than all games not called Pokemon combined. Now, part of that is because I spent almost every day from October to Christmas living out of a motel while doing work at a customer site (and part of it's because the 3DS library is pretty terrible). But still. That's a bloody scary statistic. I'm sure a better researcher than I could make a frightening sociological statement about how we buy and play games, and while cleaning out all the expired food from my fridge and cupboards (don't judge me, it's been a crazy couple of years), I figured it was time to nip the problem in the butt and make a positive change.


Now, to put things in perspective... I have over 1,000 games. I'd estimate that my average expense on these is around $15, mostly weighted down by Steam sale games, free games, things like this. I'm also a bargain puma. Last week, before finally leaving Michigan, I drove around the northern suburbs of Detroit and picked up a bunch of stuff, including Gears 1, 2 and 3 ($3, $1 and $5), DmC: Black Hair Dante ($10) and Link to the Past ($10). So, suffice it to say, I've fallen into the, "It's cheap, why not?" trap.

[By the way, huge shoutout to Disc Replay - they're a small chain of stores in metro Detroit, and they fucking rock.]

My new policy comes with some rules:

1. If a game can't keep my interest for a full playthrough, it gets the toss.
2. If the game gets to a point where it's so hard that it's no longer fun to play, and the problem can't be remedied by cheats or scaling the difficulty, it gets the toss.
3. Doesn't matter how cheap it is, I'm not buying it.
4. Gaming merch is not off limits. Really tempted to go back to Game Hoard and pick up that Charizard toque...
5. Any physical games I don't see myself completing (or completed games I didn't really enjoy too much) will be sold to Game Hoard or Game Mania. These two stores in the Toronto area in particular have treated me really well over the last couple of years, and I know I have a lot of stuff that would make their stock attractive. And eBay is just too much of a hassle if you're just looking to shed games.
6. Any digital games that fit the above conditions will be permanently deleted and/or sent to a Junk folder so that I never get distracted by them again.


I've entered into a self-help program. See you on the other side! I'll still be around TAY, but the blinders will be on when it comes to gaming news. :P

PS, that Amiibo unboxing video I promised is still coming, but I got caught up with a lot of cleaning and computer troubleshooting today. It'll probably after work sometime this week. In unrelated news, BlackBerry Link is fucking terrible software and RIM should be ashamed of themselves. :3

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