I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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One of the side benefits of playing a Grand Theft Auto game? Thanks to the bevy of radio stations on offer, spanning a respectable plethora of genres, it might just sneakily enhance your music tastes a little bring out your idiotic side and amuse you to no end.

East Los FM 106.2 (Grand Theft Auto V)
Hechizeros Band
“El Sonidito”

I’ve got a confession: I have not actually played a whole lot of Grand Theft Auto V. Enough on my little brother’s Playstation 3 copy to clear the first heist and get to play as Trevor, sure! But not nearly as close to the hundreds (if not thousands) of hours that everyone else will have put in by this point.


Most of my experiences surrounding the game, instead, come from me either reading Zack Zwiezen’s series of posts or, far more frequently, watching other people I know playing through it and showing me the latest stupid shit that got added to GTA Online. Actually, it’s more like one single person in particular.

My girlfriend’s brother is a hardcore fan of GTA V. He’s been playing ever since getting its initial release on last-generation consoles back in 2013, and he still regularly plays it—nearly five years later—on the current-gen PS4 to this day. It was always a frequent presence on his big-ass bedroom TV whenever I’d come over to my girlfriend’s folks’ home to visit her.

So one of those days, a little less than a year after GTA V came out, he was playing it while all three of us were hanging out in his room, and he’s driving around with the radio on in a most likely stolen vehicle, as one does. Then, out of nowhere, this upbeat cellphone beeping-ass instrumental came up, and I was just like HOW DOES THIS SONG EVEN EXIST???

Next thing I know, while sitting in one of the office chair-class seats in the bedroom, I’m using my whole right arm to ultra-expressively point in the air to the tempo while simultaneously head-banging at full force with each point. It’s the most ridiculous chair dance possible, but it’s the perfect dance befitting “El Sonidito” and its UNO DOS TRES CUATRO ways. Just LOOK AT THAT DUDE going to town while hammering out that single Korg synthesizer key in the music video and tell me it deserves anything less!!!


Helping the ridiculousness along is the fact that when it’s all said and done, it also happens to be a fundamentally solid tune. In less capable hands, a song whose leading melody is a single repetitive high-pitched keyboard note could very easily be grating and annoying; “El Sonidito” may be absurd, but it is neither of those things. Every instrument, synth included, operates with the singular goal of advancing the light and rapid rhythm, and the Hechizeros Band came up with an irrepressibly fun toe-tapping number in the process.

Good game. Good song. Good people. That’s where it’s at.

(originally posted on Tumblr August 12, 2014)

RedStripe Loved Trax—originally from days of Tumblr past—is a series about the music Justin adores, with special emphasis on songs from (or introduced by) video games and anime.

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