I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
Illustration for article titled Adventures Of Mana Now Available For PS Vita in Europe And Australia *Edit*: And now in North America

Back in February, Square Enix released the Mystic Quest or Final Fantasy Adventure Remake Adventures of Mana on mobile devices. As the game was released on PS Vita in Japan, many fans wondered why Square Enix doesn’t support the platform in the west so much. Many also jumped to the conclusion, that Square Enix would ditch the handheld completely, because of numbers no one actually knows and because other games such as I Am Setsuna and Chaos Rings 3 are also not coming to the west on PS Vita (yet).


Anyway, the game actually released in the Playstation store today! Like so many other PS Vita game releases, this is also a stealth release, which is why so few people know how vast the PS Vita library actually is.


According to Siliconera, the game is now also available in North America.

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