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Agent of Enquiry

"Wake up! Wake up! It's the moon, Dalumud! It's falling!"

"Huh- wha!?" I woke with a start, tossing the sheets of my lumpy inn bed aside and quickly wiping the drool from my mouth. I dashed to the door in nothing but my undergarments and threw the door open. All throughout the hallway I could see more doors opening, other adventurers woken by the screaming looking out in similar confusion.


In the hall lay a man, unconscious by the looks of him and the bruise quickly forming on his face.

"The moon isn't falling!" Someone yelled angrily. "Look out the damned window and see for yourself."

The doors slowly closed shut, the sleepy residents ignoring the man on the ground. I frowned and stepped from the doorway to my room to see what just had happened.

"It would appear this man has been knocked out and his belongings stolen, just like before." A voice rang out loud in the hallway. I looked up and saw a large Highlander in a suit, his hair slicked back, a monocle resting in place over his right eye. His formal appearance was jarringly out of place. A miqo'te followed close behind him like a second shadow.


"Oh, but where are my manners! I have yet to give a proper introduction! My name is Hildibrand, agent of enquiry! Inspector extraordinaire!" The man posed slowly, flexing his muscles. "I travel the realm, visiting inns and alehouses such as these, quelling quandaries where they may be found! I lift cares from shoulders and thwart dastardly deeds. Should troubles darken you door, summon me, for I am, and always will be, your humble servant." The man smiled, and I could have sworn his teeth gleamed.

"J-just... who the hells are you...?"


Coming soon....


Gentleman Hero Hilibrand

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