Ok, I am a little on the tipsy side because I'm sick and I read that if you have Hodgkins lymphoma then your skin will flush after drinking alcohol. My skin isn't flushed and i discovered that Jack Daniels is truly awful. The things I do for science.

Onward and upward.

Overall, I'm trying to like this show. It has some cool potential but some potential pitfalls are showing themselves as well. The characters gelled a bit more this episode, we get some more hints at everyone's backstory. But this episode really sucked. To a Kotaku review!

The Good:

  • Coulson remains constant. He's a good character, well acted. Good. Good.
  • Ward seems less like tough guy douchebag in this episode. Skye and Ward share a moment that is the high point of the episode. It's not a very high point.
  • I also like May/Mae? MAVIS? MAVIS BEACON?! Even though she is "stoic asian martial artist lady."
  • Do you like Peru? I hear Peru has mines. It also has Aztec temples. I think I might visit Peru one day. Rising Tide tourism guide says that people uniting is magical.


The Bad:

  • Music. I put my finger on my #1 grievance with this show. Ok it's not really #1 but it's bothering me. The music sounds like Goddamn Guiding Light. It's soap opraish and just totally cornhole. Go hire Bear McCreary or Bear Grylls or whoever that guy that did the Buffy music - Cristophe Beck. Someone. Now I have to go look up who does the music to make sure it's not Bear or Cristophe. One moment please. Oh my God. It IS Bear McCreary. It's SO BAD THOUGH. What the heck is going on. OK, well at least maybe...uh...there's hope? He can flip a switch and go into Battlestar Galactica Tribal Beats mode or something.
  • Ok Ok, next. This show is downright insulting. I can forgive that we're still using the ole "explosive decompression" thingymabob. Not everyone can watch mythbusters or realize that eventually that pressure would stabilize and it'd be pretty darn quick. But the hole...a raft...what? words. they fail me. Play by your own rules at least. If air is venting out of the ship that fast I'm pretty sure a stupid life raft is not going to plug it.
  • NEXT UP: Goddamn Science. Can we stop with the geeks? We're past the point where geeks are a funny thing. Just stop. I hate it. So much. FitzSimmons need to be shoved out the plane and replaced by perfectly normal, functioning adults instead of caricatures of alive humans.
  • Was there seriously a single moment of that show that you didn't predict? OH MY! She turns out to be not good!? Shocker!? It'd only be more funny if the common cause was Phil Coulson dying again. This whole, "AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!" should have been done with a montage in the first ten minutes of the commercial for the television show. I'm done with disparate people coming together to be a super gestalt unstoppable pudding monster.
  • and on that note! This show needs more references to the Avengers. And/Or guest spots. If Sam Jackson doesn't show up in at least one episode soon and just walk around going GOdammn muthafucka or something, I'm going to be a very sad, desolate Furbamon.


Should you Watch it: not yet!

While I am pretty negative tonight, that's probably because my head hurts and Bear McCreary has failed me. But I still see potential. The interactions between the d00ds is pretty OK save for FITZYSIMMONSPOO. God I hate the whole, "nerd scientist" shtick. To quote Portlandia, "THAT'S OVER!" The show can be good and I guess then I need to say, "WATCH IT OR IT WILL BE CANCELED LIKE EVERY OTHER JOSS WHEDON JOINT!" But I'd actually save it for Netflix.


Furby Out!