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Ahoy-hoy! A New Nintendo Direct is in Sight!

Shiver me timbers! Steer yer ships, grab yer sails... or do whatever pirates/sailors do, cause I really have no idea how do these folks talk. A new Direct approaches, time to start the speculation bingo because I feel that we’re getting some mildly big announcements.

If rumors are true, Star Fox Zero might be delayed once again, that wouldn’t be a surprise since the game is supposed to come out next month and we haven’t heard anything about it since last November. Then again... this may be the moment we learn what’s going on with the ill-fated revival of the series.


Unrelated to SFZ but still kinda relevant to this new Direct, remember when some Youtube guy called SuperMetalDave spilled the beans about Nintendo having multiple projects for this year? Who knows... maybe we’ll get a sneak peak of what Nintendo has in hand.

What about that announcement for Rhythm Heaven: The Best+? Does anyone remembers Next-Level Games’ Metroid Prime: Federation Force? Or who can forget that MARCH is the month when Nintendo launches two new products! Miitomo and the new My Nintendo rewards system!

Forget what I just said... no mobile news

What are you looking for on this new Nintendo Direct?

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