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Aiden Pearce Is a Better Batman than Bruce Wayne

In the time I have spent with Watch_Dogs thus far, I believe I can make a safe assumption by stating that Ubisoft has created a better Batman, with Aiden Pearce, than Rocksteady and Warner Bros. Studios Montreal has with Bruce Wayne and the Akrham series.

Now, I do not wish to do a disservice to Batman, nor discredit his accolades of justice and vigilantism, as I feel my concerns stem from the decisions made by Rocksteady and Warner Bros. Studios Montreal to take on only Batman's arch-enemies and thugs scattered around Arkham Island, Arkham City and Gotham City, rather than focus on a living, breathing world where civilians are present at all times. These very citizens would find themselves victims to injustice; harassed and put in danger, at any given time, by thugs Batman needs to stop.


Most recently, with Arkham Origins, we see a Gotham City that is in the midst of a winter storm on Christmas Eve, yet there is no foot traffic, no vehicular means of transport being used — and, as I'm sure we all know, a city-wide winter warning is not enough to keep people off the streets. There should still be folks out and about, yet they made a lazy choice to keep ordinary citizens off the street to, what I'm assuming, progress the story and not have the player worrying about saving citizens and concentrate on taking out the assassins hired to kill them.

However, is not that a perfect way to draw Batman out into an ambush? Criminal masterminds could, and should, prey on his need to stop crime and save people in dire need of assistance. This even comes up at the beginning of the game. Alfred and Bruce have a back and forth about how these assassins could use civilians to lure him into a trap, but, during my play through of it, that situation never unfolds. Of course, I never actually finished the title, so maybe that scenario does make an appearance.

When we look at Aiden Pearce, though, we see more of a hero of the people. In the game's day-to-day, there are many acts of violence, and other miscellaneous crimes, perpetrated by petty criminals, which the player has the opportunity to stop from happening. When you arrive at the right time, you can stop a person from being murdered, prevent an arsonist detonating a large propane tank, and put an end to a mugging. If you arrive too late, someone could die, tasking you with taking down a murderer, at that point. And, if you aren't patient enough, you can alert the criminal before he perpetrates the act, thus causing you to fail the side-quest, which seems quite ironic, as you actually did stop the crime from being committed, yet you do not get the experience points for doing so.


It should be noted that these Crimes Discovered side missions are in no way mandatory, and you will not be forced to restart at a checkpoint if you fail to stop the wrongdoer.

Using his high-tech software and hardware, in tandem with ctOS, the game' all-seeing eye into the public, Aiden can hack into people's phones, discover text exchanges between someone and the soon-to-be criminal, and locate where these crimes are going to be committed, allowing him the chance to dispatch the delinquent.


With the simple press of a key, Aiden will take down the suspect with his retractable baton, leaving the offender for the police to take in, making him feel more like Batman than Bruce Wayne himself.

However, you can elect to just shoot the criminal instead of taking a non-lethal approach ... meaning I should probably talk about how Aiden Pearce is probably a better Nightwing, or Punisher, than they are.


But I won't. I'm taking the Arkham Origins approach to this article.

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