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Aircraft Grade Aluminum NES

Nope, I didn't finally loose my marbles, you read that title right.

This slick upcoming piece of hardware comes courtesy of Analogue Interactive whom you might remember from their beautiful (and equally expensive) Neo-Geo Wallnut CMVS units and arcade sticks. Unlike other hardware clones, the Analogue Nt does not rely on emulation having instead the proper Famicom circuitry inside the box insuring compatibility, slots for both EU/US NES cartridges and the always more colourful Famicom counterparts and support for up to four gamepads without the need for the multitap. Words from the creators:

The Analogue Nt is designed around the heart and brain of the original NES. We've completely reengineered the original NES while remaining true to the original hardware. This means you’ll be experiencing the NES with the hardware it was designed to be played with.

The Analogue Nt is precision fabricated from a solid block of aircraft grade aluminum. Engineered with an uncompromising attitude to quality. There has never been another video game system like it.

We know there are lots of questions and we cant wait to share all of the details with you. We’ve got features and details that are going to blow everyone away. We promise we won’t disappoint. We will be unveiling all the fine details and taking orders at the end of March. Stay tuned.


Now let's just wait for that price tag to come out before I get too excited...

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