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Bear from Akira Toriyama’s Dr. Slump

Hey TAY I am feeling overly self confident today so I thought I would tell you all about myself. think of this as sort of a small auto biography from your’s truly. I know we have some new faces around that have no idea what a nonsensical being I am. Also for some of the longtime residents you may learn a few things about me. I used to put up photo galleries of game edition unboxings or write about videogames. I got started writing anime related articles though. However what do I do to make a living?

  • What does Novi do?

I have had many jobs Currently I am a Information Technology Help Desk contractor for the USDA. Specifically I help Smokey and his Crew in the Forest Service. Some times i get calls about general help with IT related issues. Then occasionally we get calls where people are working on an active forest fire and they need help getting a request put in for more radio support. It’s all call center work though. I enjoy it so far I am finally using my college degree too. Speaking of college degree...

  • What did Novi go to school for?

I went to school for A bachelors in Computer Gaming and Simulation or Game Design to keep it short and sweet. I graduated back in 2014. The course I went in was mainly on the computer programming side and less of the design and art side. I learned how to program in C++, C#, and Java. I bearly remember any of it now though. If you don’t use it you lose it. I was really passionate about game design and still someday dream to make something besides awful visual novels in Renpy. ON that thought...

  • What kind of Game would Novi make?

Well thankfully the cool folks of Farjay studios already made Bear Simulator a reality. Also there is a game called Witanlore  where you play as a tribe member of a bear clan called the Ursine if I remember correctly. However I think that game is still in the works. So we already have some good bear games in existence. However I don’t think more could hurt. I think a game about Pangolins would be great too. look at these magnificent fools


I know armadillos have a few games like Dillon’s rolling western. But they look so much cooler. I know i mentioned bears a lot so allow me to explain.

  • What’s up with Novi and bears?

Short and sweet they are my favorite animal. I love them all also look at this face!


Doe that not make you feel better about this round earth we reside on?

If no how about a bear WAVING at people!?


I rest my case Your Honor!

Well that’s all I could think of. Feel free to ask any questions below. Also I was not sponsored by those games i linked too. However I did back Bear Simulator.

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