What is it?

Post-apocalyptic mayhem at it’s finest. King is to comics what Mad Max was to film - an over the top, non-stop, irreverent joyride through a colorful and inventive post apocalyptic Los Angeles.

Where can I find it?

Amazon, in a “did you know?” moment, has created their own comics brand, Jet City Comics. The upshot of this is that Amazon will release Volume 1 of King as a 5 part serial that will commence August 19th of this year. If you’re interested you can pre order through Amazon.com.

Why Should I Care?

King is everything to the nth degree. At first I was worried that this would come across as trying too hard, or maybe a copy of Saga’s wildly imaginative universe with none of the charm, but that’s not the case. While it probably will not be able to escape comparisons to Saga, King is far more frenetic, and dare I say, weird, which is saying a lot considering Saga has a race of people with TVs for heads and Spaceship Trees. Half of the first issue is just King getting to work. He fights off a bandit outside his house, a giant duck/human hybrid gang member looking for retribution, Greek Gods with Starfish parasites that fall to the earth on a rainbow, and finally when he arrives at work, he is assaulted by his co worker, a Pteredactyl with a facial hair that likes to wear novelty basketball jerseys.


It just never stops and if I have one worry it’s that it might be impossible to keep up this pace. But I’ll be sticking around to find out how it plays out. Any comic where in the first entry they introduce you to all that, and a robot karate bear that shoots stun smoke from its nipples? Well, sign me up.


The story so far has been fairly minimal with most of the first issue setting up King’s world. The titular hero, King is the last known human being left on earth after everything went to hell. He works a day job which is as a drone for the LA department of Reclamations - which mostly seem to consist of people going after “life seeds.” Life Seeds are items which are supposed to restore the earth to a more habitable state and so far none of the 254 alleged life seeds that King has investigated have turned out to be anything useful.

I’ll write up a more formal review once all the issues have come out, but for now, put this one on your watch list.