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All my Shame on One Screen

So, how's that Animal Crossing going for lots of you, hm? Have you dug pitfalls for anyone, or placed inconvenient benches around town for people to fall over? What? You are going to donate bells to my public works project? My word...I'm rather touched. I feel all sorts of fuzzy inside! Thank you! Also, thank goodness for Animal Crossing because it keeps you all distracted from checking out my shame over on the PSN...

...except, that's not really true, is it? For the last couple of weeks when we were all friend code and ID sharing, what's the first thing you did when you added someone to your PSN account? That's right, you compared trophies, didn't you? Don't lie to me!


You pried into my business and saw that I have but one Platinum Trophy. Then you figured out that it was the easiest game to Platinum too! Don't look at me! I'm feeling horrid.

Ah, it's all in jest. Personally, I am of the mind that trophies are not incredibly important. Collecting them is fun and I'd be lying to myself if I said that I don't enjoy that little notification sound when I get something unexpected. However, I do not actively seek them out per se. I think the only trophies I actually *cared* about getting were the Head shot counts in Uncharted. What that says about me, I don't know but try not to think about it too much, okay? I don't.

That's not to say that I do not admire anyone who plays a game to Platinum it. That right there is dedication, hard work and a whole lot of love.


In a discussion with fellow TAY'er CapnSpam (heh, love that name!), he admitted that the first thing he does when he gets someone's PSN ID is compare trophies. I do the same thing as I'm sure many of you did when we traded those things.


For us, it's not really about the bragging rights because we're incredibly supportive of our gaming community we've built up on TAY (right, guys? Right?). But CapnSpam brought up the nicer side to it all: he compares trophies out of curiosity to see the types of games we enjoy and can enjoy together (same here!), and additionally, it gives him a reminder that there are games that he needs to go finish and the motivation to do so.


It's a great thought and I believe it to be true for myself as well. It totally made feel a pang of guilt again that I did not finish Catherine yet when I saw it at a low percentage on my screen in comparison to his.


Looking through our TAY play histories, it makes me really happy to see what I share with all of you. It makes me interested to see what I'm missing but it might encourage me to pick up a game based on how high your completion is. That to me is an indicator that you really loved it (unless you're a fiend for collecting as a general rule); and thus, I may open up a discussion with you to recommend it to me based on your experiences. It might be that extra push to foray into a different genre, and here's a crazy thought: if I try it, I might like it!

Some of those games I have not even started yet but I want to...

While I do not believe myself to be a particularly "good" gamer (what does that even mean?! It means I'm pretty sure the floor would get wiped with me if I were to try my hand at say, Monster Hunter...Blade), I know that's not the point. I play to have fun as I'm sure we all do. I go at my own pace. I am not competitive and it's one of the reasons I stay away from multiplayer games (that and my love of the JRPG being the other major reason).


I'm hoping my general fear of Multiplayer changes some time this year (Watch Dogs, anyone? and yes, New Leaf is helping with that too - stay tuned for a post this week) because I know there's co-op play but until then, the trophies and game lists are there to help me remember the good times I had and the memories I made. They're there to remind me to go finish up things and the potentially good times that await.


And okay, maybe they're also there for some of you to have a chuckle that I actually managed to get 33% on Noby Noby Boy.

Thanks to CapnSpam for starting up this honest discussion and allowing me to use his PSN collection in this article.

  • What's your motivation for collecting those Trophies and/or Achievements? Did you judge me when you saw my PSN game list? Are you just happy there's not another Animal Crossing post on the front of Main TAY again? (Well, I'm sorry to disappoint but I have one coming this week! Ha!) Tell me ParTAY'ers! Or not...
  • Why not visit TAY Classic and collect Trophies. There's the Discussion on Life trophy, the video game unlocking achievement and all sorts of good stuff. Join in a discussion or start one of your own! TheUnfathomableTruth made up a Trophy List and guide on how TAY works. Read it to unlock a 100% rating.
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