I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
Credit: Aviarei on DeviantArt
Credit: Aviarei on DeviantArt

There are a lot of games that I missed out on the Wii U. Super Mario 3D World and Yoshi’s Wooly World stand out as two that I really wanted to play, and even bought, but never finished. And the reason for that are my younger sisters, of which I will have five come August. (Yes, all younger, all sisters.) But it’s not even in multiplayer games. They seem to just be an annoyance no matter what I’m playing. Here’s how:

Scenario 1: Co-op Multiplayer

If a game is multiplayer, I have to let her play with me. And you’d better believe that she’s there Every. Single. Time I want to play. It’s like she has a special sense tuned into when I’m playing something. And in order to keep the peace, I’m forced to play with her. At first, I’m enthusiastic. I think I can teach them how to be better at video games and instill in them the same love for video games that I have. What always ends up happening is that she does little to no work, often making what I’m trying to do harder by trolling me, and when the time finally comes for her to do something that requires her ability or cooperation, the game comes to a standstill while she attempts to do something simple. Sure, I think to myself, I could take the controller and do it for her, but at that point she’s not learning to get better at video games. So I let her struggle until the game’s not even fun for her and she gives up.


Scenario 2: Competitive Multiplayer

Ah, there’s nothing to let out the petulance in a sibling than to beat them at Mario Kart. She always wants to play in 50cc because she can at least get 2nd place there, but it’s my game and I’ll play at 150cc if I want to! Cue repetitions of “you’re cheating!” or “let me win” what seems like hours later with minutes of waiting for her to finish up after I crossed the finish line with no challenge from any humans, and it can get really frustrating really fast. That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy a short race with my little sister every now and then; It just gets old as fast as 200cc on the N64 Rainbow Road track. I also don’t like play Super Smash Bros. with her because I suck and she can beat me by just button-mashing.


Scenario 3: Getting Caught-Up

Because of the above situations, co-op multiplayer games are sadly off-limits for the sake of my sanity, and I can only stand so much competition. So I go to my bread and butter: single-player, story-driven games. And then she comes downstairs to watch. The first thing she always asks is “what are you playing?” or, if she’s already seen the game, “what are you trying to do?” I’ll give a short answer, because, you know, I’m in the middle of a game, but there’s always a follow-up question. Mainly, it’s the favorite question of any child: “Why?”


“Why do you need to go through that dungeon?”

“Because I need to save Zelda.”

“But who took Zelda?”


“But why does Ganon need Zelda?”

“To get the Triforce.”

“But why does he want the Triforce?”

“To rule the world.”

“Why does he want to rule the world?”

“I don’t know, he just does!”


Scenario 4: Don’t Play Without Me

Look, I get it. She’s invested, and she wants to see it all. But it’s a ridiculous request to ask that I only play video games when she wants me to. Luckily, it’s not a request that I’m required to fulfill, but I am required to appear that I am, or she’ll start nuclear war. That means that I have to keep the volume super low while she’s going to sleep, not just at a volume low enough to let her go to sleep, focus on homework, or whatever, but low enough so that she won’t hear it and battle her way back downstairs to watch. Likewise, she constantly nags me to play video games when I’m busy. It doesn’t matter if I’m doing my homework, writing an article, or, hell, playing a different game. Time to annoy me to the ends of the earth about how she wants me to play something that I bought with my own money that I might not want to or even be able to play right then. Oh, and then there are the games that I don’t own that she wants me to buy. No, I don’t want to buy Dora’s Princess Adventure with my own money.


Scenario 5: Back-Seat Driving

My younger sister does not enjoy watching me solve puzzles. “Get it done faaaaster” and “I’m boooooored” are common remarks. She also loves to give advice. Most of the time, it’s stuff I’ve already tried or know won’t work, but perhaps the most infuriating thing is when she gives the right solution to the puzzle. She’s eight years younger than me, yet she can solve a puzzle I might have been working on for 15 minutes in a few seconds! It’s degrading!


It might seem that all my sisters are a constant source of annoyance for me. That’s not entirely true. First, there’s one that’s the main problem, with competitive multiplayer as the exception with two younger sisters. But all of these problems stem from a common love of video games that I get to share with them! As the eldest, when I was their age, I would play really horrible games like Happy Feet and Over the Hedge: The Video Game just because I didn’t know any better. But my younger sisters are having a higher education, being exposed to Mario, The Legend of Zelda, and Final Fantasy at a young age. And if they carry that appreciation for video games with them throughout their lives, a little annoyance is a small price to pay.


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