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Join me on this day to celebrate the birthday of the single most influential video game composer in my life: Chris Huelsbeck!

To put things in perspective, without the inspiring works of Chris back on the Commodore Amiga, Shiryu Music would have never existed. It was his still amazing seven channel TMFX format soundtrack for the Turrican trilogy that made me realize the potential of the music producing capabilities of the Amiga and even if I was shunned by my fellow peers in school, I had no problem listening to the soundtrack over and over again on my Walkman (ask your parents, young ones) after taping it straight out of the Amiga audio line-out. Here is an example of exactly how much ahead of its time his work was in 1991:

Chris has worked in tons of games in his ongoing career all the way from Commodore 64 to current mobile devices, even being responsible for recreating John Williams "Star Wars" soundtrack for the "Rogue Leader" games on Nintendo 64 and CameCube, when Factor 5 was still top tier. He was even responsible for the soundtrack of the "Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams" , a nice throwback in time since he was also responsible for the original title that got Factor 5 both in trouble and noticed for their talent by a game company we still call today Nintendo.


Back in 2008 many of his tracks where played live by the WDR Radio Orchestra Cologne and the FILMharmonic Choir in a two time only tribute concert. The release of the album "Symphonic Shades: Hüslbeck In Concert" would certainly be the peak of ones career but no one could have prepared me for the successful Kickstarter and four disc release of "The Turrican Soundtrack Anthology" last year. In fact and apologising to Daft Punk, I consider that anthology the greatest album release of 2013! You can buy all four discs and two extra ones featuring the original chiptune versions recorded from real hardware at Chris Bandcamp store.

Happy Birthday Chris! Thanks for everything and hear, hear to even more greater successes in the future!

Omake: You can find a ton of my remixes/covers from Turrican over here.


Even more Omake: Thanks Ellen!

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