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Allison Road is Getting Freakay With a New Character (NSFW)

Is anyone here into Shibari rope bondage? Alrighty then.

The Kickstarter for P.T. spiritual successor Allison Road is continuing to trudge along at a surprisingly slow pace. With 16 days to go and half of their funding secured it’s looking like a close call as to whether or not the game will receive the funding that it definitely seems to deserve.

That hasn’t stopped Allison Road developer Lilith Ltd. from toying with puzzles and showcasing a new character, Hana.

At first glance there’s nothing special going on. What’s to see? It’s a girl with dark hair and she’s floating and oh sweet Jesus she’s naked and dead and tied up alriiiighty then.


Personally I dig the aesthetic. Her shadow cast behind her also has an arm shown as being both decidedly unbound and ready to tear us limb-from-limb. I’m hoping she’ll have a pretty creepy backstory written for her to boot. The background itself is also pretty interesting. I’m getting both a comic book store and an Otaku Attic mancave vibe from it. In any case, Lilith Ltd. definitely seem to be putting a lot of effort into their art and story assets.

I still have yet to decide if I’m funding Allison Road, but I’m slowly leaning towards yes. We’ll see. In any case, I can/’t wait to see if Hana makes it into the final game come late-2016, or perhaps even the games proposed demo version, which is currently slated for release in mid-2016.

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