I’m sure you Amiibo seekers that hate going to stores are glued to Amazon now. Fortunately, it seems like the process is much easier than it might be in other places, provided all your payment info is in order. (The rarer ones like Robin and Lucina may be an entirely different story.)

UPDATE: Looks like Charizard just sold out, but there are many other listings on Amazon, although more expensive. Pay attention to what version it is (NA, EU, JP), if you care about that sort of thing.

I said in my earlier Amiibo article that I wanted to get Pac-Man this morning, but didn’t want to spend more money. Well, I had just enough on my Amazon card to cover my new Pac-Man! And I wasn’t even near a PC; I got it on the Amazon app, while I was sitting in my car! Isn’t technology great? It took less than a minute to search for the Pac-Man amiibo, find Amazon’s price, hit Buy Now, and then Place Order.

So, don’t worry, Pac-Man. You’re coming home soon...

I’ll be posting my Splatoon & Wario pics sometime tonight, but I want to get my Splatoon on right now!!