I finally got my Amiibos today, and I thought I'd share them with you!

I also got a GC adapter as you can see on the right. I didn't get a second one because 1. my external hard drive takes up 2 of my Wii U's USB ports, and 2. I only have 2 Cube controllers.

I didn't get all of the first wave figures because I'm not a big fan of the other characters and I'M NOT MADE OF MONEY/SHELF SPACE!!

Speaking of shelves, here they are under my TV!

Not sure if you can tell in these pics, but some of the corners are bent. Everything came in 1 enormous box, so I'm not that surprised.


Unfortunately, my dear mother was giving me grief about getting all this stuff, and about buying stuff so close to Christmas. So....regarding the 2nd Wave figures I wanted to get so bad....

(see last pic)


I decided to cancel my orders on these figures, and maybe ask for them for Christmas. I highly doubt that my parents and family members would get a 25-year-old "toys", but I'll ask anyway! Even if they do try to get them, they'll probably be tough to come by. Oh well!