Tomorrow I will be waking up at my usual ungodly hour not for my usual yoga session but for an adventure in Amiibo Hunting. For those of you who care I will be live-ish blogging my endeavors to procure a complete Amiibo collection (along with Splatoon, who’s hype has surpassed measurable levels). Join me bright and early, but don’t expect any updates till after I shower (All of you who thought otherwise, naughty!)

If you don’t enjoy exercises in banality and vanity I implore you: look away.

Fig. 1 My Current Amiibo Collection, as of the evening of May 28th complete. Not pictured: Metaknight.

3:45 - Woke up from a strange dream about cats.

6:28 - Enjoyed a bagel and protein shake for breakfast


Fig 2. Photo of bagel and Amiibo shopping list.

7:15 - Leaving to Target, as they are the first store to open. Drive will take approximately 40 minutes. Many show tunes will be sung on the way.


Fig. 3 A line at Target.

7:56 - Whispers among the crowd is that there are only 16 Jigglypuff. A quick tally makes me number 15 in line. #fingersCrossed


8:00 - A red polo clad woman ushers us in. She pleads “No Running”. My first thought is to run and initiate chaos.

8:05 - They’re doing a one amiibo thing. Stock for Lucina and Robin are VERY limited.


8:13 - Second pass in Target. Wario, Charizard, Pacman, Silver Mario (thanks to a very kind blue-eyed gentleman) plus two separate Inklings. Next stop: GameStop.


Fig. 4 The mall.

8:38 - Arrived at GameStop. Second in line. Whisper (as there is only one other person in line) has it that there will only be two Ness. I have lucked out if this is the case.


8:57 - GameStop manager was not enthused. Still waiting an hour for them to open.

9:04 - Listening to line additions complain about eBay and speculate about “inevitable” Reprints.


[File not found - GameStop vanity photo]

10:05 - I snag my most wanted: Ness. Unfortunately for the kid behind me I got one of the two available... I don’t feel too bad.


10:17 - I quickly drive across the street to ToysRUs.

10:19 - Grenija was caught!

10:22 - On my way home:


Fig 5. Quite a haul!