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Amiibos and Breath of the Wild, or the One Where I Attempt to Validate My Purchases

So, let’s get this out of the way first and foremost.

I’ve never completed a Zelda game in my life. Not. Ever.

Tried A Link to the Past, but my teenage self couldn’t stop making comparisons to the original NES game. Tried the DS game, Spirit Tracks, but the controls weren’t making a case for my finishing it. I’ve got A Link Between Worlds in my back catalog for another try.


But then came the Switch and Breath of the Wild.

And I can’t put the game down. Which is weird, given that from many reports that this is the most difficult Zelda game in the series. And I don’t do difficulty in this day and age. I’ve got too little time in my life nowadays to dedicate precious free time to replaying sections of a game where all I really care about is completing the game and getting the narrative reward from the journey.

So to still be coming back to this game when it’s such a punishing trek at points, I found myself asking, why am I even booting this game up on a daily basis? Raise your hand if you see where this piece is going.


I turn on the Switch each and every day since I’ve gotten to the point that I need the daily rewards from touching a plastic toy to the right Joy-Con stick. But I’m not doing it for the reason you might be thinking.


Remember when I said I don’t do difficult games (Seriously, Nintendo. Why couldn’t you give the player a difficulty select with this one?). Well, the reason I’ve been scanning my Amiibos into the game is to reduce the difficulty of the game. At this point, pretty much everyone knows that you get random drops from the Amiibos, and I’m doing this primarily for the weapon drops.

I know some are fond of the weapon break system that was implemented in Breath of the Wild, but I don’t want to be in a melee when my best weapon breaks at a point where I really, really need it. So I’ve been stocking up on arrows, weapons, and shields, with the food drops a pleasant bonus because once I get into the cooking mechanic, I’ll probably have the ingredients needed to brew up the better dishes I come across in my playthrough.


And there’s the loop. I’m currently looking for deals on previous Zelda Amiibos online, cursing myself in the back of my mind for even doing this. And I can’t stop and think that this was Nintendo’s plan all along. Just do a quick search for Zelda Amiibo (especially the Smash ones), and you’re certain to see previously cheap Amiibo going for around the price of a AAA game now. And we’re all searching out these Amiibo because we want the random loot to aid in progressing through the game.

Never mind that some people might have scoffed at DLC doing the same thing because DLC is a slippery slope because of content available and pricing ranges. But that’s where Nintendo gets a pass, because you get a small piece of plastic to display on a bookshelf that also gives access to in-game content.


Regardless of your thoughts on the DLC/Amiibo topic, the reason for my seeking out these figurines is to simply mitigate the difficulty set forth by Breath of the Wild. There’s no grinding levels so you’re stuck until you venture out and find shrines to gain heart and stamina containers. So, to aid in the journey, I’ll keep on scanning these little toys into the NFC reader, hoping that this drop will net a powerful sword or a sturdier shield. I’ll keep looking online for bargains on Zelda related Amiibo so I can add to my daily unlocks.

And I’ll keep trekking along until I see Link’s adventure to its conclusion. And I just might be able to do it because these silly Amiibo are providing me with the means to make the journey somewhat less dangerous. Is it cheating? Is it an unfair advantage? I don’t think so. All I do know is that Nintendo is laughing right now, emulating Scrooge McDuck as they dive into all the Switch/Amiibo money they’re earning from Breath of the Wild.


And if you’re the guy or gal who bought a Switch for Super Bomberman R, I’ve got a question for you. What the hell is wrong with you?!

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