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An Amazing New Super Mario 64 World Record!

After a tense and tumultuous run of Super Mario 64 last night, Twitch speed runner Puncayshun miraculously achieved the impossible. A new 120 Star World Record for Super Mario 64.


One hour, forty-three minutes, and forty-two seconds.

The N64 classic Super Mario 64's world records are coveted by many speed runners, including the previous 120 star world record holder, Siglemic. In the game, you can potentially finish with 70 stars or try to get all 120, and he had the world record in both. His recent 120 star record of 1:43:53 seemed near unbeatable, but through dedication and a little luck, Puncayshun kept pulling closer and closer to the world record.


He struggled early on in the run, and it seemed that a Personal Best, let alone a World Record, was far from his grasp. Still he kept going, and again and again, the time got better. Near the end, while still on WR pace, he tragically missed a jump and fell to his death. Yet, even in the face of death, he hung on and pulled off nearly perfect final levels to save the run. There was no giving up.

As a fan of the game, it was awe-inspiring to watch, and if I hadn't seen it live, I might have not believed someone could perform so perfectly. It stands as an ode to Puncayshun's relentless dedication and the lasting appeal of Super Mario 64.


Congrats to Puncayshun on his new World Record!

You can watch a Twitch archive of it here: (WR run starts at 23 minutes in)

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