I'm really feeling it!

An Animal Crossing Birthday

It was going to be like every other day. I was going to water flowers, and dig up fossils...

And why is Buck outside my house? "I hear it's your birthday," he says, in his typical, creepy horse-type way. And then this...


What's going on? I've been kidnapped!!!! Help me!!!!

Where am I? Oh no! It's Buck's place! No! Anywhere but here. And a Birthday Party? I couldn't hate you more, you stupid horse.

Pardner... Did I just visibly cringe? No? I should have. A wish you say? Fine. I'll get you back, Buck.


You asked for it. Literally, you just did.


Really? Are you serious?

It wasn't such a bad birthday after all.

(Disclaimer: It's my first time using quotes. I'm just trying to get it look like how I want and not get kinja'd.) *fingers crossed*

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