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An announcement from your friendly neighbourhood admin

As part of Gawkers plans to give us (the readers) our own blog platform they're now moving into what has been dubbed "Phase 2" of the plan. Creating weapons using the Tesseract! We shall be suitably outraged, and yet somehow surprised that a secretive paramilitary organisation would want to create weapons. How could they!?

Of course I think that might actually be phase 3. No, phase 2 is putting TAY into the hands of us (the readers) and that includes the blogs administration. I'm pleased and humbled to announce that I have been selected as one of the initial group of admins. Now you might ask, what does this mean for TAY?


First of all I can grant the fabled author rank, allowing other members to publish to TAY rather than merely reply. Secondly, he who giveth can also taketh away. And that means moderation. Should TAY fall under a plague of spammers or assholes I can remove their ability to even reply to posts on TAY. So watch out, the banhammer is back in season. Please don't give me any cause to use it. If you spot any misbehaviours though please report (there doesn't seem to be a PM function on Kinja so I'll set a post up or something at some point) them and I'll investigate and deal with as necessary. Finally for the sake of transparency admins can edit your posts, although again I hope I have no cause to do so.

Now, we have a tough choice to make. Do we keep author status relatively selective in the hope of curating great contributions to the blog (and we've had quite a few already) or open the floodgates and turn it into a free discussion area similar to old TAY? Personally I'm of the mind to keep the number of authors limited, we still have the daily TAY posts for free discussion after all. It's our responsibility to keep this place running now, and I'll be on the lookout for good contributions worth featuring. Hopefully with support from my fellow authors and everyone else on TAY.

Please leave any feedback you have below, I'm looking forward to turning TAY into something special.

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