I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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An update on the JRPG list project

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This is an update on my JRPG list project from before. I have some new plans, so be sure to read this!


First-off, I’d like to thank everyone for the contributions from before. Some very good stuff in there. When I have the time, I’ll check it all out.

However, in the last few days I came to the realization that a simple list is, once again, not doing justice to all of this.


One cannot describe the music and what makes it awesome in a few sentences. Ok, maybe it is possible, but is it also practical?
Ten games and above would result in a lot of text that could potentially-break Kinja, or it might take forever to load. Also, it would become a little bit exhausting to read (and listen to) all entries all at once. Not everyone is up for that.


So I’ve decided to change the agenda from “let’s create a big list” to “let’s encourage people to write their own articles about video game music”.

I’ll create a mega list of all articles here on Kotaku that are about video game music (JRPG and otherwise). Kinda like the Ani-Tay Archive, but for VGM instead of anime.
(btw, I keep track of Tay Classic as well, so those of you who don’t have TAY authorship are not being ignored!)


If you want to see a favorite soundtrack covered in an article, but aren’t quite as good at putting it into words (or not that many words), just let me know and I’ll try to help expand your notes or add to it.
The posts from the former article are still on my radar, so no need to double-post if you did that already. Otherwise, feel free to post your stuff in this article.


Maybe I’ll do a monthly article and cover 2-3 games with a small text for each one, to keep it manageable.

If you want to go the extra mile and do a longer article, take a good look at Zarnyx’ article on Chrono Cross. This is exactly what I had in mind.
Talking about how the game’s music affects one personally, comparing it to other games in the series (in this case, Chrono Trigger and Radical Dreamers), covering a few tracks of different speeds and emotions – it has it all. It gives the reader a decent impression on the overall soundtrack.


If you have your own style, all the better, but if you need a good template to get started, this is it.

Aaaaand that’s it (again)! Happy posting!

PS: Do you guys like the new header? It’s a little bit better than the one from before, no?

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