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I think that we have all been to this place, you know the one, a Boss is obviously cheating to be able to beat you up this bad, or there is no possible way to make that jump I've already died multiple times on it, or the worst one where you manage to die within steps of the precious save point that would have saved more than your file. I want to talk about those moments but also something else, namely what games you play WHEN you are angry. So this is an article about what flares up the fires of my anger, and what particular games I use to put those fires out.

So firstly lets talk about the games that have made me the angriest. Almost to rage quit proportions in fact. I think the one that comes to mind the most for me is actually one of my most beloved. Legend of Dragoon had a particular bossfight that I spent months trying to beat because I had gone there far before I should have and there was hardly anything to grind on in the same area. It was disgustingly brutal and I remember having to take a week long break from the game and let myself calm down. But even when I was taking a break I was still occasionally thinking about that damned boss fight and just thinking about it would make me want to jump back in and beat the thing. In that particular sense I kind of appreciate how angry the boss made me in that I certainly kept coming back for more in an attempt to beat it.



The boss was Grand Jewel and it was awful due to the fact that it could de-level your characters for the fight, which was something of a death blow for my underleveled team that I had brought to it. I finally managed to luck out and beat him and get myself out of there but I still remember the rage this caused me.

********End of SPOILERS********


The second game I would like to specifically mention is Catherine. I have mentioned in the comments before how much this game made me pretty much rage quit. I remember picking it up and taking for granted how difficult people said it was. I figured it was just kind of difficult but this game could and would take you to the curb and kick your teeth out when it wants to. I started playing this with my then fiance now wife and had to stop playing it together because we would get angry at eachother taking turns at particularly difficult levels. When a game makes you angry enough you take it out on other people it just reached new levels of pissing you off. I have a real love hate relationship with the game though, it pisses me off but at the same time I loved the story and what they did with it.

Well we got angry at all those games everyone, now we have to decide what to play when we want to calm down! Personally I have two mainstays that I play when I am either angry at other games or just had a rough day at work or something. I think games can be very cathartic when needed. The first game that I use to soothe the fires of anger would have to be any of my many Dynasty Warriors games. You guys know I loves me some Dynasty Warriors.


There is nothing like moving through an army like an angry wind to make you feel a little bit better. I think everyone needs an outlet sometimes and Dynasty Warriors provides me with that. As I slash through hundreds of soldiers as my main man Pang Tong things just seem alright. But when I am not feeling particularly violent then I needs must take refuge with a different game of mine.


I head to the idyllic landscapes and wonderfully soothing music of Final Fantasy IX. It may not be my absolute favorite of the Final Fantasy games but it is the one I seek when I am in a bad mood. Something about the music cheers me up, and I can't help but feel a little happier as I watch Vivi trip and do other such adorable things. A sidenote being that Pokemon is a workable substitute to these games for me if all I have with me is my 3DS as has happened in the past on trips and such. But enough about me, what about you my friends? Tell me about a game that has made you rage quit, and if you'd like tell me about what games you like to play when you are angry!

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