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Ani-Club Series I: And the winning series is...

Well after counting the votes a verdict has been reached for the inaugural show for the Anime club. Tied for the most votes overall and with the highest number of first choice votes it's...


Ouran High School Host Club! Boy that's a mouthful. Pumpkin Scissors took a closely fought second place with Turn-A Gundam and Nadesico bringing up the rear. Another was the most popular nominated series with two first choice votes. I might have to think more about the nomination and voting format for next time as there was a fair number of orphaned votes. In the meantime let's get the ball rolling.

In case you missed the initial post Ani-Club is where we all watch a series, and talk about it. Like a book club... but with more moe, mecha, and shounen action. The format is simple, each week we'll watch two episodes of a series (Ouran in this case) and have a discussion post for those episodes. Discussion posts will go up on TAY at 9:30AM EST every Wednesday, although I can post it later if people think it'd be better. We might also go from two episodes to three a week. As this is the clubs first run we'll just have to try a few things out and see what works best. Towards the end of a series we'll go through a new voting process to pick the next series so it can carry on uninterrupted. To participate all you have to do is watch the episodes up for discussion that week, and join in. It's as simple as that.

Ouran High School Host Club is available to stream on Hulu and Netflix. The complete series can also be purchased from Amazon on Blu-Ray or DVD for between $30-35. How you choose to watch it is at your discretion. Just make sure you check out the first couple of episodes by next Wednesday.

Now go forth, and watch anime!

P.S. If someone could cross post this to Observation Deck I'd be much obliged.

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