In which our heros heroines mother father enters the scene, Nekozawa is unmasked as a bishounen, and Honey abuses Tamakis teddy bear. And there's only half the series to go. Whoops.

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Let's start with episode 10, it was pretty hilarious. And Haruhis father cracks me up. One thing that does bother me though is that watching it on Hulu the Funimation subs translate "Okama" as "Tranny". Initially it's because I interpreted it as "transgendered", rather than "transvestite". It's a bit ambiguous in that regard. I think translating it as "drag queen" might have been better. It's funny though how similar Ranka and Tamaki are, especially since Tamaki/Haruhi are in all likelihood the official couple of the series.

Episode 11 saw the return of Nekozawa. It was a good episode and had it's funny moments but was largely unremarkable. I watched it recently and I can't remember that much about it beyond the plot outline. Maybe it was the excess of Renge in this one. Her voice (Japanese) is just so incredibly grating.


Episode 12, watching Honey suffer for a while was fun. I also think this episode probably marks the most Mori has actually spoken. And he still barely talks. Mori and Honey seem to be more attracted to one another than the twins. Although it's largely an act for them. One would hope. Loved Haruhi's reaction at the end though, ever the straight man woman.

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