In which our hero heroine avoids swimming for two straight episodes, Honey kicks some ass, and everyone dresses up in drag. Tamaki also makes the mistake of trying to hit on some lesbians. Whoops.

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It's been a busy week for me so I'll be keeping my impressions short.

Episode 7: Well Honey is a pint sized bruiser. He's still annoying.

Episode 8: This was a little more dramatic than some of the other episodes. Haruhi was pretty calm when Kyoya acted that way, but I guess she knew he was faking. What a cold calculating bastard. Still the whole thing wrapped up hilariously.


Episode 9: God damn this entire episode was hilarious. I didn't quite get why the twins found the club name so funny but other than that it was all gold. Such subtle imagery though, lilies everywhere! And that scene at the end, CALL ME BIG SISTER!

While not all the jokes work, the comedy in this series is pretty solid and I think it's really getting into its stride now. The animation is really top-notch as well. I was spoilt for choice with title images as there's just so many I could have used.


Next episode is going to give us a look at Haruhi's home life. I'm guessing a lot of the footage shown in the preview is purely in Tamakis imagination though. Standard procedure is to leave your own impressions below. And remember to watch episodes ten, eleven, and twelve, by next week.