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Ani-Club Series I: That's an intriguing notion, in its own way (Episodes 16-18)

In which our hero heroine is not late for her very important date. The twins, Kyoya, and Honey all get character development episodes. Honey kicks some more ass, and his little younger brother gets his ass kicked. Whoops.

Housekeeping: YOU NEW HERE BOY!? If so you can find out more about the Ani-Club and how to participate via this finely crafted link. Rules of Ani-club apply: discussion is only for the series up to this point, no spoilers for later episodes. Reminder that nominations for the next ani-club series start next week. So start thinking about your picks.


Episode 16:

A good episode, while it's not the first time the twins have been put under the spotlight I think it's the first time they've actually had some development as individuals rather than as a pair. It can be tricky to tell which is which most of the time and so I often think of them as one amorphous character blob. But this episode separated them and gave us a look at their individual quirks and traits. Plus the scene in the church was pretty touching.

Episode 17:

Aww, Kyoya has a heart too. A black and shrivelled thing but at least it's there. Not much to say on this one. There were some good gags though, like the continuation of the clubs fascination with commoners and the Ouran Sentai Rangers. And the announcement of Kyoya as a lost boy with Tamaki being his guardian had me in stitches.


Episode 18:

Honey is probably my least favourite character next to Renge, but damn this episode was funny. Playing Honey off as incredibly creepy worked very well, perhaps TOO well. I loved it how the rest of the Host Club started agreeing with Chika and then proceeded to blame it all on Tamaki. Also was it just me, or did anyone else get a weird impression when Tamaki tempted Honey into the Host club with promises of stuffed animals and candy? And a god damn hand puppet to boot?


I think it'd be creepy if Tamaki wasn't younger. It'd be all like:


Next episode something, something Lobelia. Something, something complete. Remember that nominations for the next ani-club series open next week so have a think about suggestions. Also remember to watch episodes nineteen, twenty, and twenty-one by next week.


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