I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
Illustration for article titled Ani-Club Series I: The Empire Strikes Back (Episodes 19-21)

In which our hero heroine is abducted by some old nemeses, the twins get some character development.... and then some more character development. Benibara tries to steal Haruhis first kiss, only to find out that like Katy Perry she's already kissed a girl. Whoops.

Housekeeping: Every wednesday we're ani-clubbin'. Find out more about the Ani-Club and how to participate via this finely crafted link. Rules of Ani-club apply: discussion is only for the series up to this point, no spoilers for later episodes. Reminder that nominations for the next ani-club series have started. Go forth and post suggestions.


Episode 19:

The Lobelia episode was pretty funny, Haruhis performance was hilarious. I saw the lip-syncing gag coming but it was still a good laugh. Very much a gag episode this one.

Episode 20:

I feel like the twins are really trying to steal the show now. Didn't we already mostly go over their insecurity about the fact that no one can really tell them apart? Still was a good episode anyway, interesting to see how cruel the twins could be and how Tamaki managed to recruit them.


Episode 21:

Haruhi had more of a part in this one, but it was still very twin-centric. More Kaoru than Hikaru though. Some foreshadowing as well of future tension in the host clubs friendhips too. Although I think the anime will cut off before we really get into that.


Next episode seems to be about Mori, he might actually say more than a sentence. Remember to start nominating suggestions for the series and remember to watch episodes twenty-two, twenty-three, and twenty-four by next week. Only five more episodes and two weeks of this Ani-club left.

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