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And so our heroine starts to realise her feelings for Tamaki, and there is drama and high speed car horse drawn carriage chases abound. In the end Haruhi quite literally falls for Tamaki. Off a bridge.

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Well these two episodes took a turn for the dramatic didn't they? Tamaki is tricked into shutting down the host club by his french fancy who cajoles him into marrying her so he can see his mother again. With the help of his evil grandma of course, a woman so evil even the little ball of hyperactive sugar that's Honey hates her. The host club don't let him go without a fight though.

I thought it was a good end to a good series. I think there's more to the story that one would probably have to delve into the manga for but this is a decent enough point to close things out at. It was quite easy to dislike Eclair at first, but she had her own motivations and they weren't as selfish as one might think to begin with. Tamakis grandmother on the other hand, total villain. Funnily enough I thought one of the highlights was how Kyouya, after having been slapped by his father for spending time in the host club, buys out his fathers company and hands it back to him. His and Tamakis father then proceed to argue over which of them will marry Haruhi.

Next episode the host club has shut down. Remember to add your own impressions below, and remember to watch this weeks movie by next Wednesday.


So that's all folks. Fin.

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