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Ani-Club Series I: This is supposed to be a music room, right? (Epiosdes 5-6)

In which our hero heroine gets played like a sucker, dresses up like a girl (again), and another mildly annoying and potentially recurring character is introduced. And I almost forget to do my formulaic introduction correctly. Whoops.

Housekeeping: As always if is your first time here, you can find out more about the Ani-Club and how to participate via this finely crafted link. Usual rules of Ani-club apply: discussion is only for the series up to this point, no spoilers for later episodes. This week we'll also be kicking things up a notch and picking up the pace and switching from two to three episodes a week.


I have to say that episode five has probably been my favourite so far. As if the fight itself wasn't hilarious enough its resolution was utterly priceless. The fact they staged the entire thing simply because they were bored? I have to admit I didn't see that one coming. Plus character development! Although the twins relationship is almost too close. Do creepy psychic twins like that really exist? At any rate it was a good episode all round. I liked it when they used Tamaki as a human shield, he's definitely the shows butt monkey.

Also even when they're not wearing hats I can't tell them apart, I didn't even notice they parted their hair in different directions.

The next episode didn't live up to the fifth, but was still pretty good. I can't say I'm especially fond of the kid character (especially since he's Naruto for some reason) and it seems like he might show up again. Speaking of grating side characters Renge and her mechanical plateau show up in this episode. I guess in small doses she's tolerable, she shows up out of nowhere and then disappears just as quickly. Presumably she lives under the floor eating rats between appearances. I liked the gag this episode though, with Haruhi constantly questioning the strange things in the music room and then having it thrown back at her when she comments on the piano. It also seems like they'll (that is Tamaki and his co-conspirators the twins) use any excuse to get Haruhi to dress like a girl, although I have to say she looks better with short hair.


Odd thing occurred to me the other day though. While they addressed why Haruhi never uses the changing rooms (she dropped gym) so she's in no danger of being discovered there... what bathrooms does she use? The men's room?

Next episode takes us from the school to the pool. As always leave your discussions on this weeks episodes wild hypotheses on where Haruhi does her business the show is going below. And remember to watch episodes seven, eight, and nine by next week.

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