Fellow Citizens. It was just a dream. I don’t know what happened inside my mind nor do I have any way of putting it in to words. It was a moment that defied all words, when I felt something inside me fall asleep and something else wake up...

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Well, I have to say I still have no idea what’s going on. It seems like some pieces are falling into place though. Turns out that Romdeau might not be the only dome out there, and that Vincent came from one that had fallen. Guess that explains the immigrants, though they seem more like refugees now. One has to wonder what happened to their dome.

These three episodes could safely be classed as the Hoody saga. They begin with his introduction, and end with his death. Was he actually exiled for stealing that toy soldier? Seems a bit harsh, but then again Romdeau seems like a very screwed up place. Oh and the black proxy is dead (supposedly), guess that happened off camera. No closer to solving that mystery though.

Curiouser and curiouser. Many more questions. Still hoping for those answers. How are you handling all the mystery? Remember to leave your impressions below, and remember to watch episodes seven, eight, and nine by next week.