I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Welcome to the second meeting of AniClub for Steins;Gate-nyan!

House Rules:

1. Do not discuss past the covered episode in the post. Because people are expected to have already watched the week's episodes, spoiler tags are unnecessary.

2. If you've seen the series beforehand, please don't ruin the fun for others and spoil the story (especially with Steins;Gate!). Discussion of such material is not prohibited but please exercise caution in posting. If you really wish to discuss material further along than what we've watched (which is fun for a series like Steins;Gate because of the time travel mechanic which reveals unexplained stuff in the earlier episodes), please put bountiful and large spoiler warnings. Replies to spoiler-y material should also have spoiler warnings.

3. GIFs are appreciated. Have fun and be nice or whatever!

I haven't much to write today. Exams in calculus, AI, and Physics, coupled with interviews/exams for internships left me tired and...just really tired. That's why this post is late and short. Anyway, enough with the excuses.


How are you feeling about the current episodes? From the standpoint of a Computer Scientist, the need for the IBN machine is ridiculous. Unless it relied on a particular hardware peculiarity, it should be very easy to emulate the whole thing. It works as a plot device, though, and let's just chalk it up to Steins;Gate not being exactly set in our world.

Have you settled into the Future Gadgets Lab? You'll definitely see more and more of the place in the coming weeks so better get comfortable (or not)!

FEYRIS FARIS I DON'T KNOW. Anyway, I like Faris Nyannyan! Quite adorable in a moe chuunibyou way. Oh, and Mayuri looks really weird in a maid uniform.

I only skimmed the episodes for this week (sorry!) so please feel free to start more discussions! Do you have any ideas where the series is going? What would you like more or less of? I definitely could use a little more Kurisu in my life! Go and comment! NOW!

Please don't forget to watch the next three episodes of Steins;Gate (4-6) for next week's meeting.


For all your other chuunibyou delusions, visit TAYClassic or the TAY IRC. El Psy...Congree?

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