Quick discussion today and it's open to everyone. Ani-TAY is meant to mean anime on TAY, at least that's the implication by the name itself. Of course there's also a growing community that doesn't focus on anime, but also manga, light novels, and visual novels.

I'm not a leader of Ani-TAY or anything, so I can't just make unilateral decisions for the majority of us. So, as usual, I just want everyone's take on this.

The reason I bring this up is because we've seen Eastern media surging in TAY for a little while now. In addition to Rockmandash's entry with Visual Novels, we've also had Jamesem92 come forward with some manga reviews (I'm on the way to making a manga review by the way), and we've had Aestevalis make us a visual novel review as well.


This is just one of many things I've been musing on while trying to plot a course for Ani-TAY recently.

So the discussion today is how we want to approach this? We can make Ani-TAY inclusive of everything Eastern, we can make a big step and make Ani-TAY a subset of a larger tag for Eastern things (maybe TAY East or something), or we can just leave things as they are.