So, I'm sure some of you have noticed how enthusiastic TAY can be about anime. Hell, the adoption of the Ani-TAY tag was surprisingly painless and fast, and within the first week, we even had our own "Best of" thing going on, complete with a hardcore layout and everything. So, naturally, some of us have been writing our own reviews and opinions and discussing things casually. Mostly it's just stuff we're currently watching, but a couple of series seem to have taken off quite well within the TAY groups *cough cough Oreimo cough cough Steins;Gate cough cough*. So, a few of us were talking, and decided that having a proper TAY Anime Club seemed like the next step. So now, the next step is to decide what we're going to watch, and when to hold our book- err, anime club meetings. So, go ahead and pitch ideas!