I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Ani-TAY: Backlogs

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Ok, so with yesterday's post, I realized once again that, well, maybe I haven't been too up to date in anime as I'd like. So, I propose a simple new activity. . . . anyone remember "Four For Feb"? Yea, that little thing we had going earlier this year (You know? A couple months ago?) Why not do something like that? Thus, this month, I pledge to finish at least TWO series I've had in my backlog for a while now. So, in my case, I guess I'll knock out Monster, and . . . . . Guilty Crown (Special request from my best friend, ok? :P)


Anyways, I really don't expect this to pick up (like, at all), but it's still something cool to do, right? So what are your series to watch? 2Animes1Month, anyone???

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