The Beach Episode, love it or hate it we can't negate that it has always been one of the most common occurrences in Anime. And while normally in the Slice of life and romantic genre it is tied to the plot, the reality is that sometimes it's done with the sole purpose of providing fan-service.

I, for example, like when they bring something more to the series, it can be a development on a relationship between the characters, some well timed humor or a well deserved breather. Here's a list of my favorites Beach Episodes in Anime based on those elements

Azumanga Daioh

This series have more than one beach episode, but we all fondly remember episode 22. Sumer break has started and Tomo proposed that the girls should take a trip to Chiyo's summer house with the intent to study for the entrance exams. We get some memorable scenes like Nyamo's drunken lecture and Yukari's driving, but we also get one of the most (in)famous scenes in Anime world. Osaka waking Yukari up with a knife. Beach episode done right.


School Rumble

One of the best School Romantic Comedies out there. The group heads to the beach and in total School Rumble style, hilarity ensues, Imadori trying to spy the girls changing into their swimsuits. Eri spoting Harima naked, some swimming lessons with varying methods and degrees of success. Also Tenma misunderstanding Harima, and some more "sweet" moments between Eri and Harima


To Aru Majutsu no Index

Touma has to take a break after the Sisters incident, so they send him to the beach to relax a little, something that he barely manages to do since this will be the first time in a very long while that he will see his parents. But for some reason his mother looks like Index and his cousin like Last Order, and not only that but most of the people are acting like if they were someone else, but no one except for Touma seems to mind, so they play freely at the beach


The good part is when things start to get serious and we find that there's something else causing all of this, so the beach episode actually becomes the first episode of a new story arc



We can somewhat call this a beach arc, since we have 2 episodes at the beach instead of one.

As a result of Taiga losing a bet, Ami gets to take Ryūji to her villa, but Taiga, Minori and Yūsaku insist on going too. We got some cleaning, cooking, cave exploring and fireworks. But what really makes this arc shine is the "UFO" conversation at night between Minori and Ryūji, one of the most deep and fulfilling moments of the series and a conversation that show us that there's more than what the eye meets.

Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu


In the first series Twice, Kaname gets primed and ready for a beach vacation only to end up having Sousuke drag her somewhere else instead, and when she actually goes to the beach the episode actually focuses on Sousuke and the mission he's doing in the Middle East. But then along came Fumoffu, and from the moment we laid eyes on the opening we know that there's a beach episode incoming.

Sousuke and Kaname alongside their school friends heads to the beach but Kaname becomes upset at Sousuke's insensitivity. So she goes to wander off alone, but in the way she is asked to have tea with a boy who is enamored with her. Sousuke, however, believes that she was kidnapped and proceeds to rescue her from her apparent kidnappers. This has everything that a beach episode should have. Explosions, fights, action, comedy, romance and more. This is my favorite Anime beach episode

Bonus: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya


While the episode takes place at the beach, this comes with a twist as the group spends most of the time solving the Locked Room Mystery, but we fondly remember this episode for the hilarious Phoenix Wright parody.

Do you like beach episodes?, Do you hate them? It depends on what it brings to the plot? discuss it below. Also share your favorite beach episodes on the comments. What? you prefer the pool episode? share those ones too. Or you could always fill the comment sections with this .gif .