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I've never watch the original Gatchaman but was always curious. Unfortunately, it has far too many episode for me to mentally ready myself for a marathon. And catching a glimpse at Eisenbeis' review (just the gif, mecha like transformation??? count me in!!), I figure why not give Gatchaman Crowds a shot since the animation looks pretty wicked.


After watching all twelve episodes from beginning to end, my verdict is "LOVE IT".

So what did I like?

Animation - I'm not sure if there is an anime I can compare it to but it's colorful. Not in the way that it feels childish but more so that it's kind of happy and calming. And when the characters transform, I get a Tiger and Bunny feel from the show. I love their transformation.


Story - The story is different from what I was expecting. And it's not the bad kind of different where I walk away disappointed, in fact, I was kinda surprise at how much I've enjoyed it. I was expecting something of a superhero/sentai action anime but it's not. It's a story about the worst of man and the best of man at the same time while having some superhero element thrown into the mix.

Hajime - She is by far one of my most favorite heroine. Her personality is a happy go lucky type and always try to see the best in people. And she's honest. Does such a person exist in the real world? Probably not, not as an adult at least.


The other characters aren't bad but the series doesn't really dive too far into their background. You get a good feel from the story and dialogues about their desires/goals but many of those suspicion are never really confirmed.


The end credit - There is something nice about the end credit music and how smoothly the song flows from the end of the episode to the credit.

And finally, the technology. The story revolves around an app call GALAX which users are able to communicate via an mmo like interface. The app is managed by a data mining AI called X that moderates as well as provide information to user. Users can request help from other people, and the app will send request to near-by users that are most quality to help. Ex. Have some legal questions you may want to ask while at a restaurant? Ask X and if X feels that you need further assistant from a lawyer, it will send an alert to a nearby lawyer that happens to be in the vicinity. The lawyer then can accept to help and assist you. Points will then be rewarded for a mission complete.


What didn't I like?

It's too short (there is going to be a season 2) and not enough transformation. I really love the design of their suits but most of the series, they are civilian form. And I'm hoping for some PVC especially for Hajime's Gatchaman Form.


Overall, I am pleasantly surprise by the series regardless of the fact that I know nothing about the original Gatchaman. In fact, I don't think it really has much to do with the original other than the team of heroes, aliens and a ton loads of references.

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