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It's been over a year since Gundam Age has ended and now it's time for a new Gundam series! But this time, the fights are not in space and it's not about any philosophical and idealistic war. Nope, it's about kids and adults who build Gunpla and put their model into a deathmatch arena!

Gundam Build Fighters follows a similar premise as the OVA - Mobile Suit Gunpla Builders Beginning G with the same idea of turning a Gunpla into something where the builder can control and fight with their Gunpla. The biggest difference between Beginning and Fighter is that Beginning scans a virtual copy of the Gunpla while Fighter allows the pilot to actually control the Gunpla. So if the opponent trash your Gundam, your model will be wreck. Frigging cool!


The story follows a boy name Sei Iori, a Gunpla Builder, who's a terrible pilot. While he can build fantastic models, he has poor reaction and coordination so all his hardwork doesn't amount to anything in battle. In the first episode, a rival constantly nags Iori to let him (I think it's a boy), to let him pilot Iori's Gunpla. But Sei refuses since he idolize his dad's piloting skill and style which the rival does not possess. Eventually, Sei meets Reji, this red head foreign who seemly possesses some mystical abilities (dubbed Newtype) and in a Gunpla Battle, shows he is the pilot Sei has been searching for to pilot his Gunpla.

If someone ask me if we are living in the future, I'll them no, because we still don't have toys like this yet.

Gundam Build Fighters will be streaming with English sub in North America.

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