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Ani-TAY Impressions: The Pilot's Love Song and Tonari no Seki-kun

The winter anime season is slowly getting going here in Ani-TAY land and your dedicated Ani-TAY team isn't backing down from what might be a challenging season. The first episodes of the two series that I was eyeing are out now, so here's what I've got.

These aren't all the anime that I'm giving a shot this season, but they are the ones that I had on my radar.

The Pilot's Love Song


Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Aviation

Where: Crunchyroll

The Pilot's Love Song is on the receiving end of one of my "gut instincts". I think this show could be on its way to greatness if it pulls its concept off. The first episode went a long way towards invoking that feeling of a romanticized era of flight. From what I've seen, it has some good characters slowly getting together and, judging from the opening theme, we'll have no shortage of them with loads and loads of characters syndrome creeping in.

All the signs are most definitely pointing toward a series with massive feels driving it. If I had to peg myself as excited for any show this winter, The Pilot's Love Song is it.

Tonari no Seki-kun (The Master of Killing Time):


Genre: Comedy, School

Where: Crunchyroll

It's a really simple comedy show about a girl who tries to pay attention in class but there's a boy that sits next to her that constantly builds giant contraptions on his desk that distracts her. There isn't much else here, it's full comedy all the way.


The good news is that the episodes are ~8 minutes long, so it isn't trying to drag the concept out too far. I can see it being a good series if you're feeling down. I'm not going to go anywhere near pegging it as a contender for the top spot in Winter though. It's way too early and the concept doesn't seem like it'll allow that.

I may deliver more impressions on a few other series near the end of the week, but these two shows were the ones I was most interested in for the winter by their synopsis/genre.


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