I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

ANI-TAY Monday Anime Musical Madness! (ATMAMM)

Hi TAYmates!

TmfP here. With another acronym!

So last week I had a blast with all of you folks showing me the Intros/Outros for your favorite animes so I figured I'd go out into the wilds again to see what I could discover! This week let's hit on a more recent (read 5 yrs) since the advent of youtube being in everyday culture thing; has been the rise of the AMV (Anime Music Video)


Now I did a couple of searches on youtube. A couple for my favorite animes, and a couple for musics that I like and here's what my search came up with!

And of course, I had to show you an AMV that I star in!


<3 you all,

TmfP (Tommy MF Pickles)

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